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Make a plan!

In the last day or so, the topic of planning has kept cropping up. I have just read a brief article by Barry Salzberg, retiring Global CEO of Deloitte. The key theme of the article is “be prepared”. He has spent significant time thinking about the career change ahead of him, and he has made a […]

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Changing career

Yesterday I re-read the article by Herminia Ibarra in the Harvard Business Review “How to stay stuck in the Wrong Career”. What really resonated with me was how using our established networks of friends, colleagues, and family as sounding boards to explore career change potentially could be very limiting to our search for a new career (due to […]

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New website goes live

I am pleased to announce that LifeForward‘s new website is up and running. Thank you to Jacqui at NJHwebdesign for building the site and to friends and family who have patiently reviewed and re-reviewed content. 

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Scale of awfullness

I couldn’t resist retweeting the BBC Newsbeat picture showing the relative sizes of Earth and a solar flare. On the “awfulness” scale of 1 – 100, a solar flare that reached us would definitely hit 100. Getting stuck in a traffic jam or spilling a coffee do not. Everyday we should remind ourselves to keep things in perspective, […]

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