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About Us

Established in 2015 by Sarah Reynolds, LifeForward Coaching is a professional, business-focused international coaching company. At LifeForward, our coaches and associates have an international background in professional services and private sector business.

Sarah Reynolds, an associate certified coach with the International Coach Federation, is also a qualified tax advisor and chartered accountant.  Working in Europe, Asia and Africa, Sarah pursued a successful 20-year international career at Deloitte as a tax professional and as a talent and learning leader for Deloitte Global Tax before setting up LifeForward Ltd.

In addition to the usual challenges of managing a career in a high-pressured, competitive environment, Sarah has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and Africa. She has hands-on experience of the challenges of international relocations, both from a career and family perspective.

Working with leaders and managers in business to develop their full potential.

“Sarah is a really great coach – she’s approachable and personable and makes one feel at ease.”  [Client]

Find out more: Sarah Reynolds – Executive Coach

Why choose LifeForward?

  • International business experience at senior levels – career and personal
  • Coaching and development programmes which draw on first-hand experience:
    –  professional service firms
    –  private sector
    –  managing large client engagements
    –  leading international virtual teams and projects
    –  relocating to and operating in countries in Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching worldwide, enabling businesses to offer the same high-quality coaching to senior executives wherever they are located

Coaching and development

At LifeForward we have a simple philosophy:

  • We all have the ability to make the key decisions that will shape our future
  • We work with clients to enable them to fulfil their potential, to manage their own career and personal development and achieve their life goals

Global and Local

We provide coaching and development opportunities worldwide. Our associates include LifeForward Pte Ltd in Singapore and, in the UK, CareerBreak People Ltd. Wherever you are located, we are able to offer you the same professional service.


Sarah Reynolds ACC, ACA, CTA


Client Testimonials

As the coaching relationship is a confidential one, any published testimonials been provided in a manner that is most appropriate for each client.

Testimonials: Client Testimonials for LifeForward Ltd





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