Leadership Development Coaching Programme


LifeForward offers a number of specific coaching programmes, built on Sarah Reynold’s experience both as a coach and as an international business executive. These programmes focus on particular critical business and/or milestone events where coaching can add significantly to success.

These programmes can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual client or business organisation. Please contact Sarah Reynolds to request further information.

LifeForward’s Leadership Development Coaching Programme focuses on the individual, their abilities and strengths, addresses limiting beliefs, and develops a deeper understanding of the qualities of good leadership. Coaching can assist with preparation for key milestones such as partnership assessment, the annual business planning cycle, or client conferences. Through coaching, individuals can gain the confidence to take on a broader leadership position, accept new responsibilities and lead a larger team with clarity and vision.

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Moving from management to leadership requires a new set of skills, a new way of thinking and a new way of working. At leadership level, technical skills are often a given – more often than not, a new leader will have achieved the necessary technical standard as they pursue the path to leadership, whatever their line of business. However, the transition from management to leadership requires the demonstration of other skills such as strategic planning, business development, eminence building, change management and personal impact. Some of these skills will be new; some will need to be demonstrated to a higher level than previously.

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LifeForward’s Leadership Development Coaching Programmes can be offered as a stand-alone coaching programme or part of a broader leadership and development programme. The programmes can be delivered as personal coaching allowing clients themselves to explore their limiting beliefs, set goals and develop their own solutions, or as a more “hands-on” coaching and mentoring programme. In both cases they will draw on Sarah’s own background and experience, both as an executive coach and as a tax professional working at a global level in Deloitte for many years.

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