International Secondment Coaching Programme


LifeForward offers a number of specific coaching programmes, built on Sarah Reynold’s experience both as a coach and an international business executive. These programmes focus on particular critical business and/or milestone events where coaching can significantly add to success.

Programmes can be tailored to meet the specific needs of an individual client or business organisation. Please contact Sarah Reynolds for further information.


Business case for international secondments

International secondments present opportunities for business growth by, for instance, opening new markets or by bringing expertise into a new geographic area. However, the success of a secondment is by no means certain. For the home office (sending the individual overseas), for the receiving office (where the secondee is based whilst overseas) and for the secondee, there is quite a high degree of risk and uncertainty as to success.

Retention of High Performers

LifeForward’s International Secondment Coaching Programme will help the secondee perform to a higher level by building and maintaining the confidence needed to deliver on the strategic objectives of the secondment. Through LifeForward’s coaching programme there is a higher probability that the individual remains a valuable asset in the business.

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Without clear planning and communication on all sides and a regular monitoring of the secondment itself, there are many pitfalls that can turn a good business opportunity into a waste of time and resources.

Preparation is key

Through LifeForward‘s International Secondment Coaching Programme, businesses can ensure that the secondee, the home and receiving offices are fully prepared for the secondment before commencement. LifeForward’s coaching programme ensures that there is a continuous focus on the secondment objectives and increased level of support for the individual whilst on secondment. LifeForward’s coaching programme can also improve the chance of a successful return to the home office at the end of the secondment so that both the business and the individual are able to maximize the potential opportunities arising during and after the secondment.

The diagram below gives some examples of how coaching may be effective during the course of the assignment process. Please contact for full details of the International Secondment Coaching Programme.

International Secondment

International Secondment Coaching Programme tailored for you

It is recommended that LifeForward’s International Secondment Coaching Programme is delivered as a combination of coaching and mentoring. The topics listed are indicative of the issues for consideration by the secondee and the business and are by way of example. Through coaching, secondees have the opportunity to explore their inner challenges and beliefs arising from the secondment and to articulate their own career and personal objectives. Where appropriate, mentoring allows a more “hands-on’ coaching style allowing the secondee to draw on the founder’s many years of experience of living and working overseas, to consider potential challenges and seek to resolve them quickly and effectively.

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