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IMG_9069The case for leadership coaching 

Senior executives in business and partners in professional services firms often do not have access to the same peer group support available at more junior levels in an organisation. There is a lack of informal discussion forums in which to brainstorm with others and to challenge ideas. Factors contributing to this environment include:

  • the confidentiality of client and internal business information managed on a daily basis;
  • the sensitive nature of decisions frequently made;
  • complexity of performance management issues that arise, or need to be resolved;
  • pressure on personal & business performance targets; and
  • competition for business, resources and results amongst peers at this level.

In a professional services firm, a number of factors such as the nature of the business (selling services, rather than commodities), and the partnership structure commonly employed, bring management challenges unique to such firms. Further the step up to leadership can be challenging and competitive and therefore LifeForward offers tailored coaching programmes specifically for directors on partner track and partners advancing in their careers to more senior leadership positions.

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Benefits of leadership coaching

An leadership coach acts as an impartial sounding board and provides thinking space for partners and senior executives that can be crucial for sound decision-making and confidence. Leadership coaching can have a significant positive impact on the efficiency and performance of leaders, often removing mental barriers to success, thereby having a direct impact on the profitability and financial results of an organisation.

Objectives of executive & leadership coaching

Coaching process

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Leadership coaching for senior executives

During a leadership coaching conversation, a leadership coach uses a combination of listening, questioning, observation and feedback to create a conversation that gives the executive an in-depth focus on the matters discussed and greater self-awareness with respect to the problem. As with any coaching, leadership coaching focuses on measurable action-based, goal-specific outcomes.

A leadership coach aims to give the partner or senior executive improved clarity of both the issue itself and their own responses to the issue, thereby creating movement on areas of difficulty or concern. The partner or executive is therefore better able to move forward on issues, set clear actions and specific goals. Such action-based executive coaching aims to generate a clear improvement in efficiency and performance.

IMG_9061Leadership coaching at LifeForward

With a background of nearly 20 years in the professional services sector, I bring a focused, professional yet challenging approach to executive coaching. My empathetic style draws on many years of experience working at executive level in a global organisation whilst on placement in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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Leadership and executive coaching – what to expect

A typical leadership coaching session lasts 2-3 hours, and may be one of a series of 3 – 6 sessions spread over a period of months.

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Ideally it is a face-to-face meeting in a relaxed atmosphere, although video-based coaching can also be very effective. If appropriate, during each coaching session, as your leadership coach, I will encourage you to set clear, measurable actions and goals to be achieved in a specified time frame. If required, I will provide follow-up support between coaching sessions to help you keep on track with actions and goals.

All coaching conversations are confidential. The coach at all times maintains an unconditional, positive regard for the client and a belief in the client’s ability to achieve their goals.

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