Strategy Coaching for Business

LifeForward offers strategy coaching to boards of directors, key stakeholders and other strategic teams in business. Through meeting preparation, facilitation of strategic planning meetings, action-based goal setting and an accountability framework, strategic coaching can help a business develop and implement a strategic plan and vision for their future needs.

Does your business need a strategy coach?

A business that has growth potential needs to be forward-looking with a vision and strategic plan that sets out how the business will expand. However, such forward-thinking and planning often does not take place because the critical people who should be involved in the thinking, planning and implementation processes are too busy with their existing work and running the day-to-day business.

Although businesses can – and do – grow without clear strategic direction, a lack of direction often creates a stressful environment for employees, who have to manage increased workloads with existing resources. It can feel chaotic and is often inefficient.

Benefits of strategy coaching with LifeForward

The best ideas and critical knowledge for strategic planning already exist within the business. However, the steps involved in getting from (often unshared) ideas and knowledge to implementation of a strategy and vision are time-consuming and perceptions about the difficulty of each step often prevent the process from ever beginning.

How LifeForward can help

As a strategy coach I can help at all stages of the strategy planning and development process, including:

  • One-to-one interviews prior to critical strategy meetings to gather ideas and information;
  • Working with leadership to formulate an agenda for a strategy day or meeting;
  • Facilitation of a strategy day or strategy meeting to keep discussions focused and on track; applying coaching skills during discussions to ensure ideas are explored fully and all relevant people have a voice;
  • Working with stakeholders to ensure next steps are clearly defined and actions to be taken agreed. What (needs to be done)? Who (needs to do it)? How (will they do it)? When (does it need to be completed)?
  • Agreeing on the right direction, formulating a strategy and, finally, action-based plans for implementation.

All matters discussed during the strategy coaching engagement will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Download as a pdf: Strategy coaching for high growth business

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