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Sarah is a really great coach – she is approachable, personable and makes one feel at ease. Sarah is a great listener too. In my view coaching works best if you are open to sharing honestly your toughest issues or deepest fears – be it work or personal…. Sarah is really good at asking probing questions which set me thinking hard on my current mindset and open my mind to new perspectives.

Leadership coachingTax PartnerDeloitte LLPSingapore

Being a newly promoted partner who is still adjusting to the new role, the coaching sessions helped tremendously.  Sarah is a great listener and she always put my interests first…  Sarah has a deep understanding of hoe things work in our organisation, and the demands of a client-facing function. Hence she is able to relate better and offer insightful advice on how to manage clients expectations as well as the firm’s expectations of a partner. Sarah discussed my partner KPI’s [key performance indicators] at length with me and asked probing questions to encourage me to think deeper about how I could better achieve them.

Leadership coachingTax PartnerDeloitte LLPSingapore

The sessions were useful in helping me gain a better self-awareness of my leadership style and whether I am on the right track in terms of my approaches to addressing problems and issues…The sessions also helped with self-discovery as they .. force you to answer questions about yourself that you may not have thought to ask or you would rather not think about… It was also useful to have someone outside the firm to share thoughts and ideas on how situations or issues could be better addressed, and to gain a fresh perspective how to approach them.

Leadership coachingPartnerDeloitte LLPSingapore

Sarah’s coaching style is excellent, very pro-active, always pushing me to work on myself in order to understand the problematic, and trying to find myself the answers. Sarah has always been very positive, asking the right question at the right time. Sarah’s main strength is taking the time to understand a situation, spotting the right issues, and leaving me to work myself to find the right answer.

The coaching sessions helped me to understand and analyse my situation. It has helped me to gain confidence and to enter in a positive and wining attitude, which is key to developing a good career. Sarah’s coaching has been incredibly useful after only 2 sessions.

I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who needs a coach.

JInvestment BankerLondon

Sarah is my “online” coach since early 2015. First I was a bit sceptical about the effectiveness of online coaching, but I must say that it works remarkably well. Sarah has been a (global) team leader for many years and has a lot of real life experience to share with her coachees. Sarah’s approach to coaching is empathetic, challenging and action-focussed. She listens exceptionally well and asks very pertinent questions which go to the root of a problem and create greater self-awareness. She has the ability to steer a conversation in such a way that it is the coachee who formulates his/her goals and commits to an adapted action plan. I highly recommend Sarah as a coach to any business or team leader who struggles with certain challenges in his/her job and wants to move in a different direction.


StafDirectorDeloitte BelgiumBrussels

I had the first of two coaching sessions with Sarah shortly after a major life event, having moved my two children, my octogenarian Mother and me from our family home of 13 years to a new family home with my partner.  I work very full time as a Consultant Anaesthetist with many additional professional commitments beyond my basic clinical job and desperately wanted to write a dissertation to complete a Master of Arts within a tight final deadline.  On top of this, and foremost, I am a Mother of two 11 year olds and I run the household with my partner who works equally hard as a Consultant Anaesthetist.

Sarah made me to stand back from my normal frantic doing and juggling.  She helped me to pause to think about what the different demands on my time were at that point, their importance and place and to prioritise.  Through her coaching she enabled me to gain a feeling of control and therefore to take control of various aspects, some of which were under the surface concerns until I actually started talking things through.

Our sessions helped me understand my drivers and needs.  I do lots, but it is not a question of doing less as I need to do what I do to feel I have a fulfilled life.  This is MY choice.  However, at the same time I had a feeling of below the surface frantically paddling to keep up.  Now I have stood back and reassessed and redefined priorities so I feel in control.

Also, she helped me remember that priorities are not fixed and constant but change and have different phases.  I cannot only control what I do now but what I aspire to do in the future, so gaining a sense of future rather than being stuck.

Sarah has a relaxed coaching style and provokes reflection and probes in an inconspicuous manner.  She allowed me to talk and made me talk freely but then made me question why it is as I had represented it.

I found the experience most rewarding and felt really positive after our second session.  I have successfully completed my Masters by submitted my dissertation in time for the deadline despite lots of other things coming up over the intervening months to get in the way of this and settled my family into our future.

I recommend the opportunity of coaching with Sarah unreservedly.

MarieConsultant AnaesthetistHampshire

Sarah is an excellent listener and has the ability to build very quickly a solid relationship based on trust. Sarah makes sure to apply the right distance between herself and the coachee, and knows where and when there is a need to be challenged. Sarah was particularly helpful and I would definitely recommend her as a professional coach.

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