Adapting to Change - building capabilities

Adapting to change – benefits and challenges.

“IT DOESN’T MATTER what you do for work; by 2025 your job – as it exists today – will not be the same.”

This is the opening statement of an article in Wired by Jeff Schwartz, Global HC Marketing, Eminence & Brand Leader, Deloitte Consulting.LifeForward adapting to change

Jeff’s focus is on technology (“The robots are coming …”) and there is no doubt that business leaders need to prepare both their workforce and the business for continued impact of technologies on traditional business models and ways of working.

But throughout both the financial press and mainstream news, there has been talk of change for other reasons – with talks of significant change to the way that large global organisations are allowed to conduct business.

Add to that the impact of compulsory reporting on gender pay gaps and some long-awaited, wide-reaching discussion of this institutionalised discrimination … it’s not just technology keeping leaders awake at night.

Change can be hard to accept at an individual level, let alone across an organisation.  Humans tend to fear the unknown (ie what the “changed” world will look and feel like) and prefer to work within their known environment. Yet this is a state of mind that can be addressed and altered.

At LifeForward we work with leaders and teams to develop the personal self-awareness and understanding that forms the foundation for continuing growth and development. Coaching can help individuals understand their fears and confront them, breaking down internal barriers to change.  Business leaders with the right leadership capabilities can lead organisations confidently to face challenges and embrace the change and that are ahead.

We also work at a leadership level to help key stakeholders focus on the business environment and the change needed at an organisational level.  Working with clients to develop solutions to meet their specific needs, we adopt a blended approach, combining coaching, consultation, assessment and workshops to build the confidence and capabilities to embrace change and look ahead with enthusiasm for the opportunities that change can bring.

Realted topics: Emotional Intelligence; Human Thinking; Human Behaviour