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At LifeForward we work with a number of associates who, like us, are experienced, professional and share some of our core values such as integrity, commitment and collaboration. This enables us to offer more opportunities to clients whether here in the UK, across Europe or in Asia.

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LifeForward Pte Ltd

We collaborate with LifeForward Pte Ltd to provide executive coaching, business coaching and leadership development to clients in Singapore and throughout Asia.

Camelot Trust Pte Ltd

A boutique corporate services company, based in Singapore, that focuses on companies doing business in Singapore and Asia as well as HNW families setting up their family offices in Singapore. Working with LifeForward Pte Ltd, we collaborate with Camelot Trust Pte Ltd to provide corporate and family dynamic coaching as part of Camelot’s business facilitation services.

CareerBreak People Ltd

We collaborate with CareerBreak People Ltd to provide workshops to individuals and local businesses. Founded by Ronnie Cloke Browne, CareerBreak People Ltd supports people throughout an extended career break. In addition, our workshops help people build the confidence and skills to return to work.  


Whilst coaching focuses on mental wellbeing, at LifeForward we encourage everyone to think about the whole person and we are a big fan of YogaNewLife’s yoga retreats. Founded by Clelia Gueguen and held in the beautiful setting of Casa Adrover in Mallorca, the retreats bring the opportunity for both physical and mental rejuvenation.

People Results Ltd

At LifeForward we enjoy working with Melanie Allen of People Results Ltd. Melanie is an experienced consultant, facilitator and executive coach with expertise in management and leadership development, team building, personal development and employee engagement.  Melanie specialises in change management, enabling and sustaining personal and organisational change.

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