Coaching for Leaders

At LifeForward, we believe in agile leadership – a growth mindset that allows leaders to build from solid foundations of self-awareness and self-management into adaptable, skilled leaders able to lead their teams through change and uncertainty.

Coaching for Leaders

No matter how many years’ experience you may have in your career, the transition into a leadership position can feel like a brand new start. LifeForward offers unique coaching and development journeys for leaders, starting with the basics of self-awareness, self-management and accurate self-assessment. A realistic assessment of current circumstances is the best place to start your coaching journey.

Our one-to-one leadership coaching programmes help each leader to identify their unique leadership strengths and build a broad range of leadership capabilities. We look at emotional intelligence, organisational awareness and personal leadership, as well as specific leadership strengths such as presence, impact, strategic thinking and planning, influencing, motivating and conflict management.

Through LifeForward’s coaching for leaders, abilities and strengths can be explored and limiting beliefs can be identified and overcome. We help leaders develop a deeper understanding of the qualities of good leadership and how to exploit their own strengths and abilities to become empathetic, confident and adaptable leaders.

Business Coaching

At LifeForward, our coaches bring more than 20 years of business experience to their coaching expertise. This encompasses an understanding of leadership development, team coaching and talent management, in addition to financial qualifications and operational experience managing strategy implementation, budgets and teams.  That being said, we prefer to collaborate with business owners and key stakeholder teams as coaching partners, rather than as consultants

A coaching mindset brings with it an unconditional positive regard for the client and a genuine belief in the potential within. At LifeForward we start with the mindset that you know better than us: you know your business inside out, the clients, the people, the team dynamics and the operations; and you know what others say you are good at. By accessing all that knowledge, a good coach can help you to create a coherent plan, gain clarity on goals and objectives, set priorities and have the courage to face up to challenges.

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