Executive Coaching

Coaching creates a thought-provoking reflective space for clients to address concerns, work on personal development and confront mental barriers to change. The coach helps see what is possible and encourages clients to be their best.

Executive coaching in an organisation

One-to-one executive coaching in an organisational setting is a valuable solution for personal development needs. Typical engagements include working with clients to:

  • Build confidence, emotional intelligence competencies and strategic thinking – all critical when taking on a leadership position;
  • Focus on individual development needs to build new skills in preparation for promotion;
  • Address specific workplace challenges in order to improve leadership capabilities and overcome barriers to promotion;
  • Create an action plan to move forward and achieve personal and business goals


Want to explore coaching further?

Check out our Coaching FAQs and What is Coaching pages.


Personal coaching to achieve potential

We also provide executive coaching to individuals on a private basis, ensuring everyone can benefit from one-to-one personal development, even when the employer does not have an executive coaching programme. Typical engagements include:

  • An individual Insights Discovery profile to improve self-awareness and awareness of others;
  • Developing communication strategies across a wide range of situations, building confidence and self-worth;
  • Knowing when to say “no” to avoid over-commitment and time pressures and improve time management;
  • Finding a good balance between commitments to manage resilience, stress, health and wellbeing.

Common areas of focus

Executive coaching - achieve your potential
Authentic leadership
Building presence
Innovative thinking
Awareness of others
Time management
Challenge behaviours and beliefs
Define goals
Emotional intelligence
Personal leadership styles
Business development
Working with stakeholders
Managing conflict

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