Team Coaching

The difference between a group of people working together and a high performing team is synergy. 
It’s that additional magic in the mix that means the output of the team is far greater than the sum of the efforts of its individual members.
Synergy: 2 + 2 = 5

Team Coaching

Why team coaching? A high-performing team is a successful team.  Working together towards common goals with a foundation of trust and respect maximises a team’s potential and delivers results. 

All too frequently, though, the fundamentals of the team – its purpose, goals and individual team roles – may not be clear. Over time this may lead to tensions in the team, lower levels of understanding, lack of trust and poor communication.

Coaching as a team helps teams address trust and communication issues, clear up misunderstandings and clarify common goals and direction.

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Team Coaching at LifeForward

At LifeForward we coach both new and established teams. Our Team Coaching programme looks at the team as a whole and how it functions, as well as the contribution of each of its members. We also provide team development and training on team effectiveness and communication, working with Insights Discovery® and understanding the essentials of high performance teams.

Common Areas of Focus

Team development training Team coaching
Articulating a vision
Building trust
Clarifying team roles
Identifying individual strengths
Innovative approach
Respect for others
Team assessment
Challenge behaviours and beliefs
Define goals
Manage conflict
Emotional intelligence
Team dynamics
Focus on results
Working with stakeholders
Awareness of others

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