As team coaches, we draw on core coaching techniques to observe and support teams to improve:  

  • interactions within the team
  • team members’ communication
  • team collaboration, both within the team and with stakeholders
  • levels of trust and respect
  • accountability on common objectives


Through the coaching process, teams gain a better awareness of:

  • positive and negative behaviours
  • communication styles
  • relationships within the team
  • underlying tensions
  • levels of cooperation

Often appointed by the team leader, we may work with both the team leader and the team on areas such as:

  • team purpose
  • goals
  • roles
  • team effectiveness and communication
  • trust and respect
  • shared purpose
  • a commitment to results

Before an engagement, pre-work includes agreeing the parameters for the coaching, identifying those who will be involved and ascertaining the commitment of both leadership and the team.

In addition to team coaching, we also provide team development, both as classroom and virtual courses, providing teams with additional tools, information and resources to build knowledge and understanding of high performing teams. 

Drawing on Lencioni’s ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’ and team coaching authorities such as Peter Hawkins, Peters & Carr and Kastzenbach & Smith, our courses cover topics such as:

  • What is a team?
  • Team essentials and enablers
  • Overcoming The Five Dysfunctions of a Team® 
  • Team assessment 
  • Team identity, purpose and goals

Working with Insights Discovery®, we offer personal, team and leadership effectiveness training, either as part of a broader development programme or as a stand alone classroom or online workshop. 

Our training and development programmes can be incorporated as part of ongoing team coaching engagements or as part of a broader leadership development programme.

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