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Theory Behind Positive Mindset:

Positive Mindset Exercises:

How can we improve our positive emotions?

Positive psychology helps people uncover, explore and practice their strengths and talents.

Hence specific positive mindset/positive psychology practices are intentional activities aimed at cultivating positive feelings, positive behaviours or positive thoughts. Studies by Seligman and others show that deliberate practice over a period of a week can improve happiness and counter depression.

Positive Psychology Exercises
  1. Values in Action (VIA) Character Strengths – spend a week using each of your top five strengths in a different way on a daily basis.
  2. Gratitude visit – write and deliver a letter of gratitude to a person they were grateful to, but whom they had never thanked appropriately
  3. Three good things – for a week, write down three things that have gone well for them and an explanation of why those things happened. (Variations – three funny things)
  4. Git of time – offer the gift of your time to three people about whom you care, by spending additional time with them.
  5. One door closes another opens – identify a moment in each day where a negative event led to an unforeseen positive outcome – document every day for a week
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Example of fixed mindset and re-framing options:


Use the blank document to explore your own re-framing options.

Seven Commitments for Seven Days:

  1. Keep a journal for the next 7 days to record your thoughts and feelings.
  2. When you get up in the morning, ask yourself ‘empowering’ questions.
  3. Refuse to hold on to negative thoughts, feelings or language. When you notice any, choose to replace them with more empowering alternatives. Ask yourself what you need to learn or do differently to resolve the underlying issue.
  4. Choose a new positive metaphor for your life
  5. Focus completely on solutions instead of problems
  6. Tell the truth. Be honest about your feelings, and tell it how it is: do not indulge in negativity or in dramatic interpretations
  7. If you indulge in negative thoughts for more than 15 minutes, begin the 7 day challenge again – right from the start!
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