Getting Started with Insights Discovery®

Complete the Insights Evaluator

Prior to the workshop you will need to complete an Insights Discovery personality profile evaluator.  To complete this (c15 mins), please click here.  Your referral code is: PR/LF/Shell/Apr23.

 Some tips:

  • Try to find somewhere quiet to complete the evaluator.
  • There are no best or correct answers, so please answer honestly.  It is usually your first gut response which is the right answer for you.
  • This is not a test, nor is it about ability or competency; it purely gives you a guide to your unique personality traits.  Everyone is different.  

Insights Discovery eLearning and Videos

Please complete the Basics of Insights Discovery eLearning module.  This module introduces you to the key concepts of Insights Discovery.  The eLearning will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

If you haven’t watched the short videos (below), these are a quick and useful introduction to Insights Discovery:

LifeForward Sarah Reynolds Potential

Sarah Reynolds


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