Workshop 1 - Building a Resilience Strategy - Pre-work

Think about some examples of the following scenarios to bring to the workshop:
  1. Make notes of approximately three situations you have experienced in the last twelve months in which you needed to be resilient.
  2. What helped (or helps you generally) to increase your resilience, when needed?
  3. What exactly are the main causes for an increased need of resilience for yourself in your current work?  Make notes of three or four main topics.
Have you …
  1. Completed the Insights Discovery evaluator (profile)?
  2. Reviewed your Insights Discovery profile?
    Please print off a copy of your profile and bring it with you to the workshop.
  3. Completed your first personal planning session?
  4. If you are attending the virtual workshop, please print off the workbook in advance.  
Have you also read these additional pages?
What migh Resilience means to you

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