Workshop 3 - Leading from the Front

There are three exercises here for you to complete prior to the workshop:

We will be looking at the output from the exercises during the workshop.

  1. Colour Energies in Leadership: Compare Deloitte Future Leaders Framework (DFLF) and feedback to your Insights Colour Energy strengths, areas for development and possible blind spots.
  2. EQ Leadership Capabilities: Review the list of Emotional Intelligence capabilities for leaders and identify potential areas of focus.
  3. Personal Values and Character Strengths: Identify your personal values and/or your character strengths and see how they connect with the DFLF Shared Values.

These exercises are designed to help you:

  • Think about good leadership from different perspectives.
  • Identify where you would like to focus your attention as you develop as a leader.
  • Think about your personal leadership style, strengths and how you want to be perceived as a leader.
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