Rediscover your spring, bounce back and stride into the new season – it’s time to harness your inner Resilience!

Resilience | Leading and living with a positive mindset

At LifeForward we have been looking at resilience – what is it and can we improve it?  If so, how can we improve it?

We have had a lot of interest from clients on this topic, from leaders and teams alike, so we have put together a series of articles exploring different aspects of resilience.  Look out for them; we hope you will find them helpful.

Bounce back and (re)discover your spring!

So, what is resilience?  In broad terms, it is the ability to bounce back after a crisis; the ability to pick oneself up and be hopeful about the future, even when current circumstances are difficult.  Perhaps there is also an element of “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

This leads us to the next question:

Is resilience something we are born with; is it genetic; or is it a skill to be learnt, something that we develop as we grow?

There seems to be enough evidence to support the idea that resilience can be developed, albeit that we all have differing levels of innate resilience as our starting point.

Resilience coaching

As Insights® practitioners and PCC-level coaches here at LifeForward, we decided to bring together the lovely resilience factors model from Insights® to come up with a “Resilience Coaching” framework.  It’s a very practical model and one we love working with as it fits well with our coaching mindset.

In our series of articles, LifeForward looks at resilience and positive mindset and puts this in the context of a coaching process to help you feel more positive about creating and actioning plans.

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