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At LifeForward we focus on developing leaders now and for the future. Being the best leader you can be is a life-long development project. At LifeForward we aim to equip leaders with the solid foundation and building blocks needed – the key to these being self-awareness, other-awareness, a growth mindset and adaptability.

Before embarking on a leadership development programme it is important to clarify what we mean by “good” leadership. This will depend on your own personal point of view, the organisational point of view, and also the particular situation in which leadership is being excercised (Importance of perspective in good leadership).

To develop leaders now and for the future, our programmes explore different models of leadership and are designed to help leaders develop emotional intelligence, building self-awareness and other critical skills to develop their own personal and authentic leadership style.

Within the programme, each participant has the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues during a tailor-made series of workshops. These workshops are followed by one-to-one coaching sessions to allow each person to turn theoretical knowledge into practical actions.  They will develop their own strategy for long-term resilience and an agile mindset, thus fulfilling their leadership potential.

Our Leading with Resilience programme embeds positive long-term changes in thinking and behaviour around stress management, building resilience and proactive, authentic leadership, developing leaders now and for the future.

Coaching can be valuable to clients who want to bring about changes in thinking and behaviours.

It takes repeated conscious effort over a period of weeks for a new “good” habit to form. We help leaders develop a proactive plan of action to embed new practices and new ways of working, challenge unhelpful assumptions and  bring fresh perspective to problems, such as:

  • Time management
  • Multiple roles and responsibilities
  • Confidence and Imposter syndrome
  • Delegation
  • Presence and personal brand
  • Building eminence
  • Thinking strategically – big picture thinking
  • Agile/growth mindset
  • Attitude to risk

Communication is key to Influencing, delegation, difficult conversations, presentations and proposals.

These are all different elements of communication – we work with leaders to understand the principles of effective communication and then apply them to the many differing situations that may arise.

Insights Discovery personal profiles are an interesting and engaging tool for both individuals and teams to explore communication preferences. During individual coaching sessions we work with clients to help them flex their own communication style to meet the needs of others. For teams, we help them develop better team communication and an understanding of the others’ differing communication styles – and how to appreciate the strengths of each.

Leadership roles give us the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and test new skills.

This can be both rewarding and daunting at the same time and our “inner voice” may be our own worst enemy here. Humans have a tendency to focus more on negative feelings rather than positive ones.

At LifeForward we work with clients to  restore and build self-confidence, break down overwhelming challenges into small, manageable steps and introduce practical exercises to create a more forward-looking, confident, positive mindset.

At LifeForward we run workshops and coaching around “Leading from the Front”. We focus on proactive leadership – the ability to step forward and resolve issues, rather than “wait and see”.

“Be part of the solution not part of the problem.” [Stephen Covey]

Adaptability is a critical emotional intelligence capability for leaders and also valuable for resilience – the ability to embrace change and refocus when challenges are thrown in our path.

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