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Personality Styles Modelled as “Colour Energies”

It is interesting to note that each and every one of us has different personal preferences in how we engage in the world around us.  This is part of what defines our personality and there are many ways of trying to describe our personal preferences.

LifeForward Insights colour wheel

At LifeForward we use Insights Discovery® profiling, which models our personality styles using a blend of four different “colour energies” (Fiery Red, Sunshine Yellow, Earth Green and Cool Blue). There is no right or wrong with colour energy; the variations – and the characteristics which they bring – make us individual.

In a team of people it’s interesting to observe the interactions as each brings their own set of Insights Discovery behaviours, producing the ever-changing colour palette we see in our social world.  So, it may be interesting to think more about your own blend …  Try the exercise below as an interesting and enjoyable way to think further about your colour energies and what they mean to you.

LifeForward Insights colour viewed asColour energies – an exercise in personal reflection and discovery

Consider how you might equate your colour energies to a type of car, animal and activity.

Although the question in the picture asks about your ‘dominant’ colour energy, I wanted to answer more about my colour ‘blend’.  Within my team at LifeForward, we decided each of us should approach this exercise in our own way before exchanging our thoughts and ideas. Here is my somewhat light-hearted thought process and my personal conclusions.

What Car are You? Your Colour Energy if it was a Car.

I lead with Fiery Red energy and – for the car – I initially thought: “A fiery red Lamborghini or, even better, a McLaren F1!” as a super-car definitely captures my energy and passion.

But then I reconsidered as I feel that my personality is more warm and friendly than a super-car might represent – although orange would be a good compromise colour between my leading colour energy and my second, Sunshine Yellow.

I am more interested in an adventurous journey than simply arriving quickly at my destination.  I am not averse to some planning and organisation, and I really appreciate those accompanying me on my journey.

I am definitely more of a Land Rover, loaded up with everything I need to be self-sufficient: food, water, camping gear (my preference for independence and control coming through a little in my choice!).  It’s roomy and sturdy enough to take me plus friends and family on adventures anywhere in the world.  Yes, definitely a Land Rover Discovery.

What Animal are You? Your Colour Energy if it was an Animal

Insights what car Elephant

Now for the animal …  I was born in the Chinese Year of the Dog but, much as I love dogs, it wasn’t my first thought – even though there must be one breed amongst the many hundreds that would fit with my colour energies.

My first thoughts were of elephants and big cats (particularly a lioness).  Elephants are probably my favourite animal; however, I was struggling to connect all my energy and drive with the seemingly placid approach that such a large and beautiful creature has to the world around it (albeit that if an elephant feels threatened it is fiercely defensive.  Perhaps that strikes a chord with bad-day fiery red energy traits!).

Insights what car LionsA lioness seems more appropriate.  Since setting up LifeForward I have learnt to appreciate, above all else, the value of teamwork and support.  Although I can and sometimes do work on my own in a quiet environment (perhaps tapping into some of my Cool Blue energy), I feel I am at my best when working with others.  I like the idea of a lioness in a pride; the thrill of the chase appeals to my Fiery Red energy and it is no doubt a risky business.  And in order to succeed, the pride of lions must work as a team and their communication skills must be excellent – otherwise there will be no dinner on the table.  Also, there is the mutual support that the pride offers by living together with relations “coaching” the cubs and helping them to develop critical survival skills.  So, lioness it is.


What Activity are You? Your Colour Energy if it was an Activity.

That leaves an activity. It must be outdoors, somewhere beautiful, probably energetic.  I love trail running, scuba diving and skiing, all of which have taken me to some of the most beautiful places on earth.

Insights what car Snowy mountainThese are the times I can reflect and regain my peace, tap into my Earth Green energy and revive.  So, it has to be somewhere that will challenge me physically and mentally, but also offer a connection with nature.  I did try skydiving once because I wanted to push my boundaries – but I can confirm that it’s as terrifying as you probably imagine it to be, at least the first time, so not my choice for this list!

There is one activity that is challenging and exciting, yet calming, outdoors 24/7 and still takes you to some of the most beautiful and remote places on this earth: going on safari.

You are out in the wilds exploring nature. It’s less physically challenging, albeit that moving every couple of nights, pitching a tent, and setting up camps isn’t without its exertions.  It’s also mentally challenging if going independently, such as a self-drive around the Okavango Delta, due to the remoteness, the need for care and respect for the environment (Green) and the challenge of navigating tricky river crossings, salt pans and sand tracks; not forgetting the very real danger of wild animals regarding you as a tasty snack (Red)!  It also requires careful planning and organisation (Blue) and an adaptable attitude (Yellow).  This activity uses all of my colour energies in a beautiful blend – going on safari it is!

Using Colour Energies in Coaching & Training

LifeForward uses Insights Discovery® personality profiling both with individuals and as part of our team coaching. When used in 1-1 coaching, the profile can be illuminating to the individual and provide a framework for seeing strengths and weaknesses. Within group work, the language of colour energies helps individuals to understand the different perceptions of each team member and how personal preferences may impact behaviour.  By understanding everyone’s strengths (and weaknesses), each member learns to respect the others’ differences and how they can support each other more effectively.  This enables the team to perform to a higher level as a whole.

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