Working with Insights Discovery®

Reviewing your Insights Profile

You will receive your Insights Discovery Personal Profile prior to your first planning session. Before attending the session, and to maximise the learning opportunity, we would ask that you do the following:

  Read the Overview pages.

  • Read the Overview pages of your Insights Discovery Personal Profile and do a calculation of the face validity.  To do this:
    • Underline those statements you believe do not describe you (rather than stick on a specific word, consider the whole or half sentence).
    • Count the sentences that did not describe you and multiply by 2.  Then subtract that number from 100.
    • Example:
      • 1.5 sentences x 2 = 3                      
      • 100% – 3% = 97% accuracy


Read the pages on Strengths and Possible Weaknesses.

  • Choose the two strengths you think are your most important within your daily work and choose two possible weaknesses that you would like to improve.


Read the Effective Communication pages of your profile.

  • Identify two dos and two don’ts you would recommend to your colleagues to think about when they communicate with you.

Insights Discovery eLearning and Videos

Have you completed the Basics of Insights Discovery eLearning module and watched the short videos?


Your Insights Discovery Journey

Throughout the Leading with Resilience programme, you will be working with your personal Insights colour energy mix.

During your first planning session, you will have the opportunity to explore the Insights model in more detail, understand what your conscious and less conscious graph can tell you, and how to recognise colour energies in others.

Download our introductory booklet: Insights Discovery Model Overview.

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